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Organizations must protect their assets to ensure the continuity of their business. In today’s open businesses organisations that means they must reckon with both outsider and insider threats. At the same time, business must ensure the safety of their business operations. We increasingly rely on technology to do this: cameras, on-line monitoring, sensors and business systems are all used to promote security and safety.

‘Pro-active’ and ‘preventive’ are common buzzwords in the sales pitches of vendors of this technology. However, both Information Based Action (IBA) in security and High Reliability Operations (HRO) in safety are rarely realized in practice.

IBISS has the solution: place your people back at the heart of observation, meaning-making and decision-making in your security and safety processes. IBISS offers a toolset to fully engage human observation and thinking power. It enables continuous learning and continuous improvement of the security and safety processes in your organization – in its physical, digital and human surroundings.

IBISS is a unique combination of tools and services to set up, operate and maintain proactive, preventive and near-real-time Security and Safety processes at strategic, tactical and operational levels.




IBISS gathers and evaluates operational information from the three gates: physical, human and digital. Operational indicators, evaluations and predictions are brought together in the IBISS system, and reinforce each other.

To achieve this, IBISS places your Security and Safety officers in the pivotal role. It can also connect your emergency staff, reception, facilities management, catering, event staff, secretariats, HR staff, IT staff, regular staff and even visitors. All can contribute to early detection of malicious intentions and dangerous situations, and thus contribute to improved ability to act. Early-warning detection and sense-making using human intellect is at the heart of IBISS.

IBISS combines Q|Share and StoryConnect expertise in proactive safeguarding, organizing for reliability, and narrative evaluation. Read more about the innovative vision and science behind IBISS.



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